Is Mitt Romney A Unicorn? Arizona Secretary Of State’s Birther Probe Ridiculed 

When Arizona’s Secretary of State began flirting with birtherism and suggested that he may not allow Obama’s name on the ballot, the response to his requests for Obama’s birth records from the Hawaii Attorney General was, more-or-less, ‘who do you think you are?'  but that wasn't the end. TPM's Nick R. Martin reports on the continuing ridicule faced by Ken Bennett:

Since he first revealed his conspiracy theory-fueled investigation into Obama’s birth certificate and threatened last week to keep the president off the state’s ballot, Bennett and his staff have been ducking for political cover behind the people they say really started it: the 1,200 constituents who sent angry emails begging him to take up their cause.

It was only because of them, Bennett said, that he began to look into the birth certificate issue in the first place. His spokesman, Matt Roberts, told TPM “with complete and utter honesty” it has nothing to do with Bennett’s affiliation as a Republican or his role as Romney’s Arizona campaign co-chair.

But those excuses apparently didn’t sit well with the legions of the president’s supporters and others convinced by clear evidence that Obama really is a natural born citizen of the United States and therefore eligible to serve as president.

“The reaction has been largely negative since the story broke,” Roberts said. It “balanced out the thousands of people who advocated for Mr. Bennett to keep (Obama) off the ballot in the first place.”

Balanced is one term for it. Tipped the scales might be another. At least one progressive online network, Left Action, took up the cause this week under the theory that if 1,200 emails can convince Bennett to investigate one conspiracy theory, maybe they can cobble together enough support to get him to investigate anything.

As of Tuesday afternoon some 15,000 people and counting had already put their names on Left Action’s online petition asking Bennett to investigate whether Mitt Romney is really a unicorn. (Yes, a unicorn. The petition even has its own domain name: That’s more than 10 times the number of people who asked Bennett to investigate the president in the first place.

Secretary Ken Bennett’s spokesman Matt Roberts said he hadn’t seen the unicorn petition, he’s heard about it through a litany of nasty emails in recent days.

“We have received emails containing that request,” he said, “usually followed by some colorful language suggesting things I don’t think I can physically perform.”

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Update: Late Tuesday, Bennett backed off his threat to keep Obama off the ballot and apologized for embarrassing Arizona.