The Curiosity team prefers Macs to PCs

Twelve members of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover science and engineering team — the team responsible for the rover’s operations on the surface of the Red Planet — took to the social news website Reddit on Thursday to answer users’ questions about the mission.

When asked by a user the simple question “Mac or PC,” Curiosity’s fault protection engineer Magdy Bareh responded from a joint account: “In this room: 12 Mac, 3 PCs.”

Specifically, the science and engineering team appears to favor Apple Macbook Pro laptops, based on a photo they provided during the Reddit AMA.

Other members of the larger Curiosity team also to favor Apple Macbook Pros, according to a screenshot captured by a Reddit user of NASA’s live feed of the entry, descent and landing phase process on August 6.

At the time of this article’s publication, the team had not clarified on Reddit why they preferred Macs to PCs, nor what specific operating system they were using.

TPM has compiled a list of some of the most interesting responses to come out of the live question-and-answer session (known on Reddit as an “AMA” short for “ask me anything”).